If you are convicted of a Felony either by pleading guilty, or at trial, the judge will sentence you. Felony sentencing can include a combination of many things, depending on the crimes and facts involved, and your personal history.  Typical court orders include such items as:

  • Jail, actual or suspended  
  • Community Service  
  • Probation orders which can be informal such as “lead a law-abiding life for the next number of years,” or formal probation, such as “follow the instructions ordered by your Probation Officer.”
  • Restitution (paying back anyone injured or paying a sum to various community funds to prevent crime and such.
  • Fines or their alternative
  • Counseling, treatment, or education programs which may include: DUI programs, Anger Management programs, and Domestic Violence programs, for example.

Please be sure you understand all the terms of your sentence and comply with them.