Code Enforcement Division

Code Enforcement is a Division of the Lassen County Planning and Building Services Department. The primary function of the Division is to receive and respond to citizen complaints and referrals from other agencies and/or departments regarding alleged violations of applicable ordinances, codes, and regulations relating to fire, life, health, safety, blight, building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, public nuisance, welfare, zoning, land use, and other matters of public concern. The County Code Enforcement program is complaint driven.  This means that, typically, the Department does not initiate code enforcement cases.  However, cases are potentially opened (without a complaint) when a “dangerous” violation is identified necessitating action without a complaint.

When fully staffed, the Division is comprised of two code enforcement officers. These two officers are managed by a Supervisor who has additional responsibilities, unrelated to code enforcement.  Code enforcement staff act under the authority of the Department’s Director and Building Official.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form

Tenant/Landlord Dispute for Rental Housing

Lassen County Code

Enforcement Mechanisms

Right of Entry by County Code Enforcement

Confidentiality of Code Enforcement Cases

Investigation and enforcement of code enforcement cases are usually confidential pursuant to the Public Records Act (section 6254 of the California Government Code) because they are of an investigative nature that may lead to enforcement actions taken against a property owner.  As such, it is unlikely that the Code Enforcement Division will be able to provide information regarding active cases.  An exception, are code enforcement records or information that is presented to the Board of Supervisors (see California Government Code section 54957.5). Additionally, it is noted that the identity of complainants is usually (if not always) confidential.


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Long Valley Groundwater Management District Opening


Lassen County Board of Supervisors are accepting applications from residents of the district within Lassen County for appointment to the Long Valley Groundwater Management District. 

Interested persons should submit their application to the Lassen County Clerk, Located behind the Historic Courthouse at 22o S. Lassen St, Suite 5, Susanville, CA 96130.

See the Lassen County Clerk of the Board Website for application and more information. 



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