DCSS case files are confidential.  They may be released or disclosed only under specific circumstances. In order for our office to discuss a case with anyone other than the parties involved, one or both of the parties must first notify us in writing. The release will allow us to share information with the person identified as if it were his/her case. However, that person cannot make changes to an order through our office. Only the parties to the order can effect those changes. If an attorney currently represents you on child support matters, we can only discuss the case with your attorney. We do not need a release to do so.

You Can Help

  • What is the parent paying support social security number? It is he most important piece of information.
  • Does the parent paying support have a new address, telephone number, or employer?
  • Has your court order changed?
  • Have you moved? Is there a different daytime phone number?
  • Have you received a direct payment of child or spousal support from the non-custodial parent?
  • If you are receiving CalWORKs benefits, you are required by law to mail the direct payment to us. If you are not receiving CalWORKs benefits, bring or mail the payment to us so your account will be correct.

Information may be given to a Public Service Center representative who will assure swift follow-up. The Health and Human Services Department will notify us if aid is discontinued. We'll continue to enforce your case unless you notify us in writing that you want our services stopped.

Like private attorneys, we expect and require your full cooperation and assistance. We don't know the other parent as well as you do. Your knowledge of their employment is important to us.

You will be treated with respect when you contact our office.

Final Reminders
Have your case number when you contact our office.

There are many resources available to locate the non-custodial parent and many ways to prove ability to pay child support. There are legal actions that can be taken and agencies that will cooperate in the enforcement of child support orders. We have a staff of well-trained workers who are dedicated to the collection of your child support.

In spite of our best efforts, some things are difficult to overcome:

  • Some absent parents are unlocateable.
  • Some don't earn enough to have child support ordered.
  • Some manage to conceal their assets.


We're committed to the collection of your child support. We know how important prompt payment is to the welfare of your children.